River Rock

By · Saturday, April 18th, 2009

River Rock

Fly Fishing

Rainbow trout, brown trout and small mouth bass can be extracted from the line of your reel and get your heart beating. You settle in the quiet serenity of the Yellow River as you float or fly casting Wade in a pool or eddy below the white water rapids. Surrounded by hanging towering willows and poplars in a long stretch of water to relax your mind is at peace. Suddenly, to his right, a bank of fresh air floats towards you and a dark shadow ridge towers vertical and descends over the limestone in the vertical rock wall river.The scene is like a fairy tail come true, with ferns, mosses, lichens and wildflowers covering the rock soaked. You stop and cast a dry fly along the edge of the closure of the deep clear waters and see how big Brown trout fly inhale small.

Mississippi River Fishing

Near the Mississippi awaits you and draws you into the heart of some of the best backwater fishing in the U.S. located between the steep cliffs of Marquette, Iowa and Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. After launching your fishing boat, slowly and silently maneuver in a backwater lake just to the left of the entrance channel.The laden fog across the lake is narrow and almost unnoticeable. A soft gentle current flows through this opening alone. A large cottonwood tree stands sentry at the entry point of this large backwater lake covered with water lilies and lotus. The morning is still and as the mist rises and the light filtering a beautiful sun shine, a large Blue Heron is perched on one leg and ready for breakfast. The air is fresh, as it fills the lungs. Reaching an impasse, the appreciation fills the soul and the experience of this creation of nature. Few people have this experience and tears come to their eyes when they look in amazement at the glorious scene looming in the morning still and your heart fills with joy. Your cast first with your floating frog lands on top of a water lily. As compared to the contraction that lily and as you touch the water, there is a sudden explosion of a 4-pound largemouth bass that has been deceived by his "resemble frog.

Around noon, his family who is meeting again on the launching pad. After a picnic lunch, everyone is willing to meet in the afternoon. After a walk on the boat you and your family find you anchored and sitting idly under the shade of a willow tree in the labyrinth of backwater swamps. A deep shadow cast on offering Willow sends the cork and the bait a good niche for the future. The cork does a little bounce and disappears like a big Bluegill struggles to entangle the line in a maze of logs and roots but in vain that his son smiles and laughs. He adds this little scrapper to live well and does the same model with the same honey hole.

More Later in the day in the maze of swamps late, everyone loses track of time and where they are, but who cares because his family is having fun. What life!

As the sun sets and the sky turns pink-red, his memories of the fishing experience today is love and never forget. When the darkness of the cricket-filled night and enveloping fog and mist fill the Mississippi Valley, their dreams of tomorrow is going to fill his dream as vivid images paint pictures of your destination morning, Hugh just hooked a pike in a clear water weed bed.

Yes, what life and what a trip!

Howard Bright is the owner of http://www.ionxchange.com and http://www.thenaturalgait.com
He is within 15 minutes of the Mississippi River and a short walk from his property lies the Yellow River. Howard is an avid fisherman as well as a poet and writer. Fishermen come from all over to stay at The Natural Gait to enjoy the beautiful landscape and all the fishing opportunities.

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