Siphon Vacuum

By · Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Siphon Vacuum
Does anyone know of some type of filtering device inexpensive siphon to clean the water through my horse?

Get my horse trough the dirt of her often and settles on the bottom and its such a hassle to empty all the time and just get dirt or trying to get the dirt with a network. I was wondering if there is any such device acts as a vacuum that can suck the dirt only through a tube or something and remove dirt. I guess as a kind of Cleaner. It would be nice if it could be low cost whatever. If anyone has any idea please help me. Thank you!

Four suggestions: 1. Section cookware, get one of the mesh sieves very near – come in all sizes. You dip it in, fish debris, and pour water. 2. Aquarium Supplies – a fine-mesh fishing net. Same process. 3. Car Supplies – who have low-cost siphons gas out of gas tanks. Use it to remove dirt. 4. Any flexible hose will work. Get a piece of 4 to 6 feet, put one end in the bottom of the tank. Suck on the other end until the water comes from 3 / 4 of way (clear hose is best! Available at hardware store) and quickly put that order on the ground. Gravity siphon as much water and debris as you need. These are all really inexpensive things that can help do the job. Good luck!

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