Small Pellet

By · Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Small Pellet
What brand, model and caliber pellet air rifle will kill small game the quickest?

In turn, that the pellet is more human?? No reason why this pill kill faster than any other??? Regardless of the placement of shot pellet air rifle ensure that a death will hit small game?? Crosman RWS or Beeman or?? What works best when shooting pellets ravens ?????

Ammunition PBA is garbage, fallow and used by other companies to FPS spike. I have a RWS 34 .22, Discovery Benjamin 177, Benjamin 392 and 342 .22. I really prefer 22 to kill small animals, but in my Benjamin Discovery 177 is also capable of killing small prey easily if shot placement is correct. For crows that could go a .177 or .22, usually feathers are on 177, .22 skins rule. But the crows are hard bastards, so I'll probably stick with the 22 guns to Nice would start with AN 34 reservations RWS RWS wood or panther, both can be found around $ 200. Better than any garbage Springer deer. My first gun was the 392, and is also an excellent weapon, but a little less powerful. Vista peep The .22 is more than capable of hunting small game, and 64 Crosman nice weapon makes this truly impressive. If your interested in spending more money, the benjamin discovery in 177 or 22 would be my choice. The most accurate air rifle, have soared, and continues to impress me and is my favorite weapon. Hope I helped.

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