Starter Kit

By · Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Starter Kit
What is the best book or starter kit for a beginner toy trains?

One of my best friends for years referred to his father had model trains and model train large table before her father died. He said he wanted to do something similar to it when I grow up in partly because it is one of the few memories he has of his father. I only recently remembered this conversation and I found a starter kit or a briefing book for beginners can be good for him as a birthday or Christmas gift. Does anyone know anything about this hobby that might be able to make some good suggestions?

Great idea … the books I would suggest come from Kalambach Publishing (which print Model Railroading Magazine): We have a series of book covers Nice basic concepts, and also dealing with "realistic" the operations and layout of the provision. Here is a link to begin: One suggestion is really "realistic Operations":

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