Stealth Submersible

By · Monday, October 19th, 2009

Stealth Submersible
The creation of a new 75 gallon tank?

I just got a tank of 75 and am trying to find out what type of fish they look good together. I'm doing a cycle of arid and know all about adding fish slowly is how it sounds so far? My tank set will …. 2. Whisper 60 gal Airpumps (runing at each end of the tank) 1. Visi-Therm Stealth 250 Watt Submersible Heater 2. Rena XP4 filters Filstà live plants and sand at the bottom. Livestock list below …. Top Level: 8 – Through silver hatchet fish Level: 12 – black skirts so groundfish: 10 – Emerald Green Cory Cats 10 – Pepper Cory Cat 1 – Pleco Dwarf

If you do not use live plants air pumps. Do not use for any aquarium sand is not sand screens and eliminates freshwater aquariums. Buy the smallest grain of land available. It is compact and have the same appearance as the sand. When the floor of your aquarium to make sure the plants you mix some of laterite in the bottom 2/3rds of its substrate. Plant very from the beginning and make sure you have a lot of fast-growing plants of the stem. You can take these later to introduce some other plants if you want it these to suck nutrient loading initially until other plants can take root and develop their roots. I like your fish choices though I would start with some mess from algae to plants to take hold. Otocinclaus are my favorites and I would go with 10 to 75. You can also get 2 Plecos DWARF place. Get some six-legged/bamboo Amano and shrimp. If you can find some true SAE siamensis algae eaters are great. After a month or so add the Cory (I do 5 sets each), wait a couple of weeks and then add the black skirts wait a couple of weeks and add fish ax. Make sure the plants are growing before increasing the nutrient load algae eating animals. Have water Rena back below the surface, because you want to keep as much CO2 into the system as possible and may need to add some CO2 in the future because this is usually the limiting factor in plant growth. I do not know what he is doing for lighting although I recommend about 3 watts per gallon to 75 gallon. These tanks are of great design, because they have good size. Enjoy.

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