Sterilizer Aquarium

By · Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Sterilizer Aquarium

Koi Pond fish keeping in general is more a hobby of keeping water and cleaning it is a fish-keeping hobby in terms care and maintenance of koi ponds. Now at first glance, this may sound a bit strange as one does not necessarily reach the mania of maintaining and take care of water, but if you think it makes sense when you consider the environment you are creating for your Koi fish is, you guessed it, "water".

Koi health depends largely on the quality and stability of water in which to live. Having said this understanding, it's worth the clear water does not necessarily mean that the pond water healthy for your Koi, and the reverse is true.

Having recently spent time in a new koi pond, I had the opportunity to consult with an owner very worried. Their pond had low (but measurable) levels of ammonia and nitrite, and while there was a lot of algae from growing on it. As a result, water in the pond was going too fast through the filter UV sterilizer pond. Instead of killing the algae, the UV-filter system was only slightly zapping algae. In other words, instead of killing algae, they were simply getting a tan before returning to the pond water for more growth.

It is worth understanding clearly here that, in order to adjust this failure on a scale of labor, should be replaced by 1 / 3 of pond water. In terms of your pond koi fish, which is a big and drastic change in a relatively short period of time. Imagine that you put in a small airtight room. Now imagine someone to take 30% of room air and at the same time, the room gets smaller by 1 / 3. I feel a little tight just thinking about myself.

This type of setting for a new pond would be extreme and are advised not to say the least. A lot of things, at multiple levels of development, growth, stability and balance, taking place in a new pond – the media in the film bio bio "are trying to cultivate for the progress and the optimal levels of efficiency, among other things. A water change is the third in a weekly basis is very risky because with fresh water, it is possible to add a lot of elements strangers and the agencies that may affect the lives and welfare of Koi Pond fish that live within it.

In cases like this, it is better in this case particular, to let sleeping dogs lie and leave things as they are. It is more important than the pond water to be given time with the patients and one eye looking carefully, to achieve stability so that it looks crisp and clear from the beginning. Wait for stability to put in between all biological functions happening in the water, then clean later if still needed.

Jessica Arons specializes in Koi fish care and is currently working with the Koi Fish School team. For more great tips on Koi water care and Koi Pond Fish visit The Koi Fish School today.

Aquarium UV Sterilizer Installation Demonstration

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