Sterilizer Pond

By · Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Sterilizer Pond
A filterfall (filter cascade) do the same as a biological filter?

I have a skimmer and Waterfilter need another type of filter on my 2500 gallon pond? I'm wanting to buy a UV sterilizer as well.

I have a fish pond with 1,000 gallons of water a double jump. I built myself two years ago. My biofilter is on the top of the waterfall. It contains a bag of "rainblow blocks" which are essentially sponges. I also have a pre-filter in my waterfall pump. I thought about buying a UV sterilizer. However, because of the expense that has chosen to use beneficial bacteria tablets. I also have water lilies and goldfish varied to maintain the balance of the pond. My pond has a lot of moss but the water is clear. I would say that an ultraviolet sterilizer and biological filter may be exaggerated, but if you can afford both, go!

A DIY Rainwater Harvesting System & First Flush

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