Table Fish

By · Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Table Fish

Knowing how to choose the right catfish hooks for the type of catfish you want to catch is very important. Fishing for channel 2 pounds is very different from fishing for 50 pounds or blue catfish flathead. Sizes use 2 to 2 / 0 in most waters, but there are times when you can use larger hooks up to 6 / 0 effectively.

Usually baitholder fish with a 2 / 0 hook as I can get both table fare and some good sized cats without having to worry about missing a hook. When I in one place, and below a dam, which has proven to produce monster cats I'll always use a 4 / 0 hook.

How to select the right hook catfish is easy. In the waters where I'm not sure what to use I always start with a hook 1 / 0 baitholder. If you set your drag properly this book is sufficiently solid to that in the big catfish and small enough to provide food good food.

When I am trying to make sure I have a capture decent to take home for dinner I often switch to a small hook. Not many catfish fishermen recommend this, but I have had much success doing it. For example, if I a problem with catfish to take the bait, running for a short distance and then simply dropping the bait will move into a baitholder # 2. Of course it is not as effective for the big fish, but it put food on the table.

When regard to fishing for catfish in winter, you can actually get better results using also smaller hooks. Even when you're trying to catch big fish. Especially in the winter when the water is cool and calm, catfish tend to be demanding, and you have to try to get them out of the water without scaring them.

In the spring, when fish are not so picky, you can move up some bigger hooks and a hook 4 / 0 baitholder. These are especially good when there are classes of flood water current conditions. During conditions flood, the fish tend to be very aggressive, and really hold on to basically anything we find. He will miss some fish could catch if you use the smaller hooks in flooded conditions.

No matter the size or type of hook should always prefer to have a variety in the hand's ability to adapt to water conditions or go fishing in often enough has to develop its own system and preferences to choose the right catfish hooks.

For more information on the right catfish hooks. Doug has been an avid angler for 35 years and is dedicated to providing you with the best Catfish Fishing information

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