Tank Filter

By · Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Tank Filter

Most filters are classified into three categories, namely mechanical basis of biological or chemical filtration. The scene of the aquarium supply is so diversified and a multitude of products available that it becomes a little confusing to make a quick decision without studying the details of the competition. You should prepare carefully his "brief" and specify your needs before deciding on the type of filtration to use.

What & Why of Aquarium Filtration units

Fish and organisms due to pollution as waste and, if not eliminate the toxin that causes disease development and as a result of fish. The aquarium filtration units consolidate this waste and purify water that is recycled back into the bowl. The assembly of a filter is based on filtration the media which serves the purpose of removing chemicals, particles and bacteria. Filters are commonly available as packaged units with mechanical and biological. Chemical filtration can be added to this. The waste nitrogen as ammonia cause distress to fish and bacteriological filter unit to remove this component very successfully.

Brief description of the Aquarium Filtration Units

There are four basic types that can be installed if they are meeting their own aquarium. These are:

* Type Internal current

* The type of feed external

* Filters Powered

* Internal type filters box

Let's compare the characteristics of each filter unit.

1. Internal filters are mechanically operated in two parts. The cylinder contains a compound bio foam and is inserted under the submersible pump that carries the filter. This is mechanical filtration system and is more common in the aquarium filter units integrated with fish tanks. The mechanical filter unit filters the water first, the disposal of sludge and solid waste, etc. and then the bio-filter cleans the water from all organic impurities. It is also possible to have a filtering option chemistry, if desirable or necessary. As this is the most common type of filter almost all manufacturers can provide a suitably sized filtration system the owner of the aquarium.

2. External filter unit are also widely available and provide superior service compared to the filtering units inside the aquarium. Since these are not integrated into the tank capacity and the duty may be of higher quality and obviously costs compared with the previous domestic rate. Control is better and can incorporate additional accessories that improve water filtration for your aquarium.

3. Air driven under gravel filters was previously used by aquarium owners when power versions are still driven in its incipient stage. This is a kind of biological filter where the water is purified and kept in constant movement through the gravel bed and the aerobic bacteria decompose the waste to produce less toxic products, to be a pseudo-action of the leak. The assembly is electrically operated and can also be connected to a pump. Readily available and lower cost, low rate of gravel aquarium filtration units offer an easy solution to keep your aquarium clean and healthy.

4. Finally, the air filter box driven indoor air are compact and fit next to the aquarium fish tanks. They are made of plastic and contain appropriate filter media. The air filter box is no longer used in professional or commercial units in the last three types are most popular. They can provide low cost easy installable aquarium filtration units a novice or owners of small fish tanks can easily use.

Article Source: Desert Coral Aquatics

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