Tank Pond

By · Monday, July 20th, 2009

Tank Pond
Can anyone help me with instructions to hibernate inside my container pond creatures in a tank?

The container that we have now is about 5-7 liters, planter of age and have 2 large goldfish and a small, 10 snails and 3 frogs now seem to have appeared. I'd like to keep these as well. We're searching over a tank of 20 liters for interiors. I know what to do with my plants, they need help with bugs. Thank you!

You do not say how "great" the two large fish, common goldfish can grow to 23 inches in a pond (I hope they are not that great yet). You will need an even larger tank in the coming years, so you might want to think about going as big as you'll eventually need now. You should plan about 20 gallons per fish than adults. If you do not want to see a large aquarium, a farm shop in the tubs and tanks of cattle may be able to keep in a basement. The biggest problem we face is the input of all the waste of these fish can produce. If you try to add all three to a container or tank is new, the ammonia can produce more likely kill them without water changes every day or every other day basis. This is because the bacteria that convert their national waters from toxic forms (ammonia, nitrite) into less harmful nitrate have not been established in the tank yet. You can set this in a tank without fish, but the process takes 3-6 weeks, so this is something you may want to begin shortly. See this link about "dry cycling" to prepare your tank: When you add http://www.fishlore.com/NitrogenCycle.htm fish, before you start the water gets very cold (do not want to have too big of a temperature change to fish), and only add the snails, or fish at a time that bacteria need a week or more to build before adding the next. Net out of the pond and place a plastic bag or bucket, then put them in and adapt to the new water, as you would if you bought a new fish and brought it home from the pet store: http://www.fishlore.com/acclimating- tropicalfish.htm

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