Tank Protein

By · Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Tank Protein
What is a good protein skimmer for a tank of 29 gallons of salt water?

What is a good skimmer collector to put 10 gallons DIY for a 29 gallons tank with fish, live rock and sand, and invest? I need one, if I'm not keeping corals?

Skimmers eliminate unwanted microscopic material in the water, forcing tiny bubbles in a water column. These bubbles stick to the small protein particles and rise to the surface in a lather. As the foam rises, it collects in a cup and removing the material. It's amazing the amount of brown green goo (not the technical term – Probably should be skimmate) can be removed from what looks like clear water. You can see the same process work on the beach. Look for a little sea foam watch is usually a brown color due to particles being carried with the bubbles. So, you need a skimmer? I think it's safe to say that probably if you have a saltwater tank. Even if you only have fish in your tank, which are much more tolerant of high nitrate levels will benefit from a protein skimmer that nitrate levels will rise more slowly which means less water changes and healthier fish. However, you can go with the minimum capacity. Ask an assistant to the local fish store to help with the size they need.

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