Tank Water

By · Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Tank Water
Why is my fish tank cloudy water tropical fish gone when I put in?

I've had my tank running for a while (over the recommended time period) before buying my fish, I bought some tropical fish on Saturday and introduced them to the tank, the water has gone very cloudy today, why Why has this happened? And is there anything I can do to solve this problem? can be harmful to fish?

It is not unusual for a new tank to be cloudy, but can also be dangerous to fish. Running on empty tank does nothing to configure the system in the tank. All you have is the week-old tap water and a trace of algae. When you go and unloading of fish in some of then things begin to happen. The release of ammonia in fish tank, and bacteria that eat ammonia that begin to grow. However, for the first couple of weeks things are not in balance, and you have all kinds of lost growth of microorganisms in the water. The problem for fish is that it can be high levels of ammonia in water and can kill them. What should have done is either a "dry cycle" or only adds a few small hardy fish to start. But too late for that. What can you do? Water changes, frequent water changes, maybe a 25% per day. That keeps the ammonia level down to the fish survive, but leaving some in the water so the cycle begins. Feed less – less food in the tank – less ammonia produced no more fish until the tank is built, could be a couple of weeks. It is not the ideal way to get the tank started, but should work, and the fish must survive. Ian

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