Taxidermy Garden

By · Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Taxidermy Garden
I am new to bow hunting deer, can you help me?

I like to hunt. I bow game hunting of small all the time. I love going to the game birds, but this year i want to try something different, like deer hunting. I live in North Carolina and there are a lot of deer where I live and eat my garden where grow a large amount of food. i dont know a lot of bow hunting deer so here are my questions. Where is the best place to shoot the deer? Am I aloud to put corn around my deer blind? when is the best time to be in my blind in the morning or evening? How much does it normally cost to deer skin and get it processed? How much does it cost to get taxidermy'd head. As you can tell i dont know a lot of deer hunting bow, so you need any information that might be useful. there anything else I should know before going to hunt deer with a bow?

1. If your looking for at what point shooting the deer, the best place is on the side of the deer, and just behind the foreleg in his heart. If you're the position where the deer are, I would like 10 yards installation in the woods, and face outward toward an open field. 2. You can put any type of bait you feel necessary, up to 1 week before the season opens (PA State Regulation and therefore may vary depending on where you are), but I recommend the apples for the deer in close. 3. I go just before the light, where you can see everything well enough to take a picture, but its sorta still dark out, because I've mounted the deer after dark, and get up and run, and that will ruin a day of hunting in the small region. 4. I make the whole process myself, does everyone I know. But I know a guy who has a place of transformation and usually charge $ 100 – $ 250 depending on whether you want the whole deer, or part of it (IE: Tenderloin, Backstraps, ect ..) 5. A horse costs more than taxedermy $ 200, depending on the size of the deer. I have an 8 point that costs $ 350, but I also have a brush turkey than myself, it costs only $ 20 for the base of it. And Heres a tip. Get a Nice compound bow, and not listen to what people say about new and arches what does not. My cousin sold his truck for a bow, and thats too much, I my free compound bow, and shoots very well compared to many of the new smaller compounds. As for the arrows, buy some graphite arrows inserts in them and then go out and buy some Muzzy 250 that are 1 3 / 16 "cutting and some strips. Get tips on the ground in view of its arc Broadheads sight dont use your bow. I have recommended that specific Muzzy Broadheads because it will fly like their advice on the ground. Any other questions, please in PM me.

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