Therm Stealth

By · Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Therm Stealth
55 Gallon Fish Tank media?

What it sounds like this list of possession for a 55 gallon fish tank? 8. Giant danios 8. Black skirt Tetras 8. Cory Catfish (not I've decided what type) 1. rubber lip Pleco tank team will be: 2. AquaClear 70 filters 1. Visi-Therm Stealth 200W heater 1. Whisper 100 gal air pump only gets Pleco 5 inches.

Beautiful! However, keep in mind that black skirt tetras tend to leave school as they mature. If we want the school Beautiful effect in column Central water, you may want a different fish. Black Phantom Tetras look very similar. Bleeding hearts, sepaes, and Rios von are another choice. Personally, I like dotted Cory cats me:) Be sure to have several types of food to feed. Feeding a floating feed to your danios first, then add a bit of a wreck thawed foods such as bloodworms. Add a few shrimp pellets for your cats Cory. If you want to feed Pleco a slice of zucchini or weighted some lettuce Romain would be great. Remember that just because you are feeding various types of food not meant to feed a lot of food. Feed smaller amounts with a longer time between meals and you'll see bigger, more colorful, healthy fish. Your tank sounds great! You'll love the danios! Edit: If you like Plecos smaller, then look Plecos clown. They get smaller and have enough orange marks on them. Should retail around $ 6 or less.

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