Tubing Set

By · Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Tubing Set

Sometimes it seems that your shower or sinks are too hot or not hot enough.

But raising the valve the temperature of your water heater can be dangerous or a waste of energy. If there are children, elderly or disabled people at home, for example, you may not want to set the thermostat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid contact with "hot" water.

The following table can help you determine the right temperature for your water heater. According Shriners Burn Institute:

– Water set to 125 degrees in general, is about 1.5 to 2 minutes to scald.

– Water set to 130 degrees usually takes about 30 seconds to scald.

– Water set to 135 degrees usually takes about 10 seconds to scald.

– Water set to 140 degrees usually takes about 5 seconds to scald.

– Water set to 145 degrees usually take about 3 seconds to scald.

– Water down to 150 degrees usually takes about 1.5 seconds to scald.

– Water set to 155 degrees usually takes about 1 second to scald.

So you can see how small temperature increases can have a big effect on the time of scalding.

People often raise concerns about the temperature of their water valves due to a bacterium known as Legionella (the disease and the disease known as Legionella) that thrives in water at a temperature of 105 to 115 degrees.

Because this bacterium can not survive above a temperature of 131 degrees of people often look to be above the temperature despite the risk of burns.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. A device known as a mixing of water allows the water to be heated to a point that killing all harmful bacteria, but sets a max other than water is distributed to your tap water in toilets and showers.

A plumber can install this device to quickly and without great cost!

Donald Koen is the owner of Koen Plumbing, a Dallas Plumbing Company since 1946. If you’re looking for a Dallas Plumber, Donald can offer expert assistance through his website http://www.KoenPlumbing.com

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