Ultra Premium

By · Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Ultra Premium
What makes ultra premium vodka Stoli Elite?

I am a waiter trying to sell this "ultra premium" vodka martini $ 20 compared to $ 13 for Goose! I can not find any information on this new ultra-expensive product (like the website Stoli). I want to know what makes soooo much more expensive than other vodkas million there?! The bottle information is distilled only five times (yes, yes, yes …) and wheat vodka. Please, help …

freezing method used to purify the vodka using a very cold container, dirt come in contact with the container walls and do not freeze. The pure vodka is what remains in a liquid state. This is the old method used in Russia as most homemade vodka was cold weather and lots of vodka were small and stored frozen.

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