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By · Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Valve All

When fixing a kitchen sink, you can experience a home improvement project that is very simple or a nightmare. Much depends on your hoses and valves general condition.

Most people are able to turn off water supply valves, with a few turns clockwise. However, the aging or unused valves are subject to breakage, and can start aa flight. You should always have help nearby, ready to turn the supply control valves water from home.

The main water valves are close to the sidewalk and under a cement lid that has a small hole in it. This hole allows people useful for obtaining the top rod with a hook, but using a finger is fine.

If you live in the countryside, find a special place or. Find out where are before beginning.

When the water is off, only a small amount of discharge excess water, and in the case of kitchen sinks, cooking some food debris inside your pipes and hoses. Clear the area under your sink first, put some towels down, and keep a pan in hand.

Then find the nuts, screws, clips or clamps as daguerreotype, like those found in the radiator of his car. These connectors have to be undone.

Make sure your hoses and valves are in good condition and if necessary, replace them. Get all your supplies and a some plumbers tape.

In some cases, old valves will need to cut with either a small torch or hacksaw. You can also find that these old valves have been a soldier, and if so, get screw-type replacements. However, leaving a pile of pipes on the left to Rethreading. If necessary, a plumber.

Few years old, hoses and valves may have a buildup of calcium carbonate. This is a chalk-like substance shower and bath.

If things stick, pry them loose with some fast laps. However, be careful not to loosen or break pipes, as that you may have to replace or reseal them. Both forms are not pleasant, as breaks do not always occur in accessible locations. So when you have a whole Use fine sandpaper or steel wool to clean surfaces.

The next step is pretty easy, but difficult. Cover the smooth, threaded areas where their hoses and valves with plumbers tape, a few layers will suffice. Most importantly, always make sure you have the tape threaded in the direction of rotation of the hose or valve. Belt tightening the screw of the hose or valve is a good idea.

Then get the tube coiled in the hose connected and clamps tightened but not too tight. Everything should be adjusted.

Test the valve slowly, making two turns, and check for leaks. If done properly, the tape and threads will prevent leaks.

Whatever happens, do not give to frustration, simply restart if the job fails and try again. Fortunately, you should not have to go through this at least a few years.

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