Visi Therm

By · Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Visi Therm
55 gallons of population?

I will be setting up a 55 gallon tank and becomes a dry cycle. Tank set will have: Two: AquaClear 70 filters One: Visi-Therm Stealth 200W Heater One: Whisper Air Pump 100 gal These are fish that I: 8. Giant danios 8. Silver Hatchet Fish 8. Emerald Green Cory Catfish 2. Plecos Sompat Could my tank of an excess of fish above?

Corys are emerald green Brochis Splenda? in which case would go to another type Cory, if you want 8 of them, Brochis get much larger (to 4 "-5") that regulate Corydoras. rubberlips with only one hand he can be a little territorial with its own species. initially will have to keep an eye on the giant danios axes, to ensure that its assets are not bothering and visa versa. make sure you have a very secure lid with no gaps at all with the torches!

Very close close up of Red Dragon Super Delta Betta

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