Wet Dry Sump

By · Friday, November 27th, 2009

Wet Dry Sump

Many time people who want to start a new marine aquarium usually buy one of the all starter kits in a marine aquarium offered in fish stores. If While these teams may work for some basic marine fish are often far from the appropriate settings for anyone serious about keeping saltwater fish and tanks are normally smaller than the beginner would have difficulty maintaining successful.

What is needed for a good set a New Marine Aquarium

The appropriate tank size

Anyone who is starting out keeping marine fish should continue with the largest tank they can afford. The larger tank is easier to keep a point that is. To good beginner stick Marine Aquarium in the range of 55 to 90 gallons and have a nice stable storage that is easy to care for and allow you to maintain a variety of fish.


A filter cartridge of good will do the job for many fish only marine aquariums. If you have a larger tank you may want to use two filter units instead of one bigger for better flow through the tank. If you have the budget you can also use a sump style filter. These are often referred to as dry and wet filters do the best job of filtering water in your tank.

Protein Skimmer —

A protein skimmer is a piece of equipment that removes dissolved organic of your water and removes the compounds that cause algae. It works by mixing air and very fine bubbles in a chamber and organic materials cling to the bubbles and is collected like the foam on the top of the unit. This carries over into a foam collection cup. It is recommended that all systems of marine aquariums using a protein skimmer.

Patience and Research —

While this is not a piece of equipment is critical to their success and is the best way to learn about animals to hold, and the equipment you need to do to thrive in his system. Start with some good books and guides and do some reading on the Internet. A little research in the beginning will save much money on the road.

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How A Wet/Dry Works and DIY Design

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