Zoo Vivarium

By · Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Zoo Vivarium
What size tank for Cresti?

Hello I have a lizard ridge almost adult in a tip to 20gallon tall cage but I want to be a exo-terra or zoo-med nursery. I What size would be good? could get another but I do not see myself getting 3 but could in the future. What brand should I go and what dimensions. would be a 12x12x18 or a 18x18x18 be fine whether you need a 18x18x24?

First, if you are receiving two, make sure they are two females. Men and men often end in fights. Sometimes women attack men, too. For any reptile, I always recommend to obtain the largest possible size. If you have space for a 18x18x18, so why not get the 18x18x24? Personally, I like the exo-terrace, especially Cresti. I can not tell you how many times I've gone to the cage to fog / feed / clean / ECT. and one of the Cresti be on the front glass. If you get the nursery naturalistic, open the door only to increase the chances of getting loose Cresti. Now, mind you, Cresti can be pretty easy to catch, even if they are tame, but you can jump. I do not want to jump the open door and landing on a hard floor.

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