Algae Cleaning Magnet

By · Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Algae Cleaning Magnet
help me! My fish is dying?

OK, so you dont even have a fish yet, but I'm sure this question has a lot of attention. I'm making 4 goldfish average, you know how the $ 2 at PetSmart. all from the same tank. My only problem: her butt load of cash! I just got July my pension ($ 40) things I need: filter-$ 13 fake plants-$ 7 magnet algae cleaner-$ 7 water testing kit mini-water conditioner-$ 4 fishing net $ 4 $ 3 Gravel-$ 2 I have the cheaper version that could, in the approprate size. I rounded everything to the nearest dollar, so amounts to about $ 48, less fish. and I've read in you need an air pump. What is that? and what does? I also read that it helps to have a cleaner gravel; Is it necessary to have it? Ive never owned fish before, so I hope everything goes well, as healthy fish, a tank clean at all times, things like that. Any advice? thanks! oh ya and I also need food like flakes or whatever theyre called.

Use a whole wheat sandwich, and only soy sauce fines.

Review of NanoMag Magnetic Algae Cleaner

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