Algae Scraper

By · Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Algae Scraper

If you are learning about caring for angel fish, then you may be wondering what you'll need and how will you do to keep your fish healthy and happy, and most important of his impeccable tank! Well, once you have your tank and its accessories, there are some things you need to make sure that before the introduction his angel to his new home. Fist, make sure the water temperature at the ideal temperature is 78 degrees.

Make sure your chosen filtration system is in good working order and the most important factor is to ensure that the pH levels in the tank is balanced. The ideal pH level for angel fish is 6.5 to 6.9 and before introducing the fish into the tank, you should make sure you use a water conditioner in good quality and check that water is in the right pH level.

Once your aquarium is up and Angel have been introduced to fish, you might be wondering how to maintain your fish tank clean and healthy. The first you should do is make sure you regularly make small changes of water in the tank. Every day, you must change a little water in the tank because it helps to keep your aquarium cleaner for longer. You should also change the tank completely, at least once a week or ten days to remove any accumulation of dirt and bacteria. When you do water changes, always make sure to maintain the correct temperature and pH level in the tank!

You can also help angel to keep your aquarium clean always cleaning up food debris in the bottom of the tank. If not, the uneaten food then accumulations of bacteria can cause which can be harmful to fish, and also can foul the tank faster. Ensure that the filtration system is running properly as well help keep the tank clean and remember that keeping your tank clean will mean that angel will stay healthier longer and happier.

You should also make sure to remove any algae from the tank regularly. The bottom feeders will help with this problem, but make sure you only add other fish that are compatible with the angel, but you can do this by hand using a magnetic scraper or an abrasive sponge. Try not to keep the aquarium on the way of direct sunlight and because it can cause algal blooms.

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