Aquarium Algae

By · Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Aquarium Algae
How to remove hair algae in freshwater aquarium?

My use of the tank to have a lot of hair algae (also called beard algae, dirty dark color) that grow on rocks or wood. I have removed both the rocks and woods, and I have recently found growing in soil and some on the edge of the leaves. His look awful .. anyone knows how to get rid of him. Are there any tablets I can buy the aquarium to get rid of them. Thank you very much.

This is a fairly common question, in fact, happens to be assigned to people. There is no need to take your decor, and stuff but that's not what the cause. Algae is caused by excess nutrients in water and light too. So, in short, do more water changes more often and vacuum the gravel better. The nutrients grows into nitrates and phosphates coming from leftover food and poop in the bed of gravel. Add some bright lights or deposit of direct sunlight on the tank and Bam …. You just kicked up a notch. Get timer for lights and only leave for 8 hours a day max if you have live plants, if you have live plants, only 10 hours a day. Here's a site I found that will explain more in depth than I care too much. Not really follow that advice of sites to add algae eating fish to solve the problem however, is never a good option. Even if a tank was enough large, a school of Otto eat all that hair algae very well. There is still need to do more water changes and reduce the level of light but to counter it, the fish alone will not do everything. Do not buy or common Plecos algae eaters, most of them do not eat hair algae. Good luck

Fish & Aquarium Care : How to Get Rid of Algae in Your Aquarium

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