Aquarium Digital

By · Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Aquarium Digital

Everything in Second Life is art. It may not be the most attractive art, but art is the same. Second Life is a virtual world, which consists of residents who do everything they choose in Second Life to improve their environment. Some of Second Life art in Excel and yearns to be recognized and enjoyed. Elven Enchantment is a new museum and the building itself is beautiful and heavy early. (Primitives are the building blocks of Builing in our world, called a premium.) The art hanging on its walls is incrediably beautiful and fascinating.

Arriving at the museum the visitor is attracted by the beautiful gardens, tinkling fountains, ponds and benches. To preserve the beauty of the gardens, glass floors was put on the First, second and third levels. In each of the levels of the Museum of the gardens has a feature element and the first level there are two separate issues that are not seen required, the first level element has pottery, antique vases, and the source of the wolf. The attractions are the second large windows overlooking the woods. The sculpture in motion, the trees and the rainbow can be seen to advantage from this point, at the Museum.

At the second level are by Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Michelangelo, Rubens, Da Vinci and all the real-life teachers, whose work can be seen unbelievable huge canvases that are displayed at this level. The central element is a script, eight prim that is build a fairy tale castle that phases from morning to night from small villages to a huge city and fireworks at night.

The last element revealed that separates the Magic and the Art Gallery is an aquarium. The aquarium is 10 meters by 10 meters by 10 meters. The entire building was a challenge. First, the way the aquarium had to fit in the space provided for items in center floor. The next challenge was the renovation of spa water to look convincing as water ocean and the aquarium is a salt water aquarium.

The shark was to be bought was too big for the space I had to always ask the creator to reduce size to fit within the limits of my aquarium. Finally, the "steel" bands were in place and put the glass on the water, however, the did not fit the water tank. All the work that had to be separated so that the water element can be fixed and once corrected the crystal had to put back together and all construction key together.

As the newest museum in Second Life, which was built to compete with other museums and the creator of the construction had not seen the other museums. The vision for the museum and its grounds was to place a tribute to the beauty of art in Second Life, offering an atmosphere of tranquility, beauty and romance, and enhance the visual experience of art on their walls.

Only one museum visitor can judge whether this vision is fulfilled.

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