Aquarium Fish

By · Monday, June 8th, 2009

Aquarium Fish

Bards have a reputation for being aggressive to fish. Actually, this is a pretty big group of fish, so that each species has to be examined separately.

Tiger Barbs

Tiger Barb, barb Puntius probably has the worst reputation of all small darts. It is true that the tongue Tiger can be an end Nipper. It is quite common in our store that someone has a problem with their fins cut off. Tiger have a tongue in his collection of fish, but tend to reject the idea that is the culprit because it is only a small fish, but they only have one. I am bound to say that one is usually Tiger Barb worse than a school.

This is something common to many schools of fish quickly. If there is not enough to form a school, they will try to join with other fish species, but these can be slower and fish are in danger of being cut off their fins.

Once in our store a male Guppy somehow put in a tank Tiger barbs. I took it out as soon as I saw it, but it must have been at night. Beards Tiger ignored the Guppy.

Rosy Barbs

This is another Barb with a bad reputation. Certainly it is a fast and loud that the fish can be a problem to other fish. This Barb grows larger than any of the others mentioned, and more space is needed.

Barbas de Oro

Gold beards are more peaceful than most of the beard, but I still recommend that, at least four remain united. Unlike the first two listed fish, the fish stays sometimes successfully finned fish slower.

Cherry Whiskers

Barb This group is not typical barb. They have a tendency so strong schooling. Although some people consider aggressive fish, this had not been my own observation. Although schools do not necessarily form still recommend that a number of standing united.

In Conclusion

Beards contained undoubtedly can be aggressive, and the adequacy of some tankmates necessary. All are fish suitable for community tank of fish fast as catfish Corydoras Catfish pepper as scavengers.

I do not recommend any of them mates very slow, long-finned fish such as Siamese fighting fish.

Steve Challis has Fact Sheets on all the fish named in this article at including a lot of information about the Siamese Fighting fish at

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