Aquarium Fish Tank

By · Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Aquarium Fish Tank
How can I stop the proliferation of algae in my fish tank / aquarium?

I have a 75 gallon tank, good airation filters, lighting, etc. My 2 Plecos keep the tank spotless when it comes growith algae on the glass, gravel and plants …. but the water becomes cloudy and green. I do good 50% water changes with the vacuum every few days, add murderer of algae and cleaning the filter and the flowers just came back! fish are healthy …. it's just ugly.

The causes of algal blooms: 1. Too much light. You only want 8-12 hours of light in the tank. 2. Overstocking. What have other fish in the tank? 3. Supercharger. How much is food? 4. The excess phosphate in the water source. Do you live near a farm? 5. Tank maintenance is not enough. I seriously leave smoking with the algaecide. You should let the filter clean so well. You are killing a lot of beneficial bacteria. Do you test your water? What is ammonia, pH, nitrite, nitrate, while the levels of GH and KH? Then the water turns green, you try to fill the tank with a blanket for 4 days. Dont feed the fish, dont look, just make sure your filter remains in operation. There is no light at all will kill algae spores. Or you could invest in an ultraviolet sterilizer.

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