Aquarium Magnetic

By · Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Aquarium Magnetic

If your child has fantasies of life under the sea ", you can transform your bedroom into a topic of underwater wonderland that will have to swim through land of dreams and sleep deep in the ocean depths.

The ocean floor

No underwater theme room is complete without a bed under water as a central theme. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Some suggestions include:

Painting ideas to complete the Underwater Fantasy

It is likely it seems obvious that begin decorating their walls with a blue base. But you can also experiment with different shades of blue to add texture and depth to the water wall da cor ©.

From there, you can paint, stencil, or uploading photos of starfish, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, sea urchins, water and other animals housing. Beyond that, you can also expand on the magical aspect of this fantasy theme room in the paint, putting up signs, or uploading photos of mermaids, sunken ships, buried treasure and other fantastic underwater.

Alternatively, you can start painting themed bedroom his son under water with an initial layer of paint. Then after the blue sea paint on it, you can decorate the walls with magnets magnets fish and other underwater subjects, the benefit of this being that your child can move and change the appearance of your underwater scene at will.

The accessory that gives life to a bedroom Category Underwater

The unique accessory that adds more life to any room is an aquarium underwater theme. Real fish, corals and plants underwater-life add that touch of authenticity that really makes your child feel they are living in their own private Atlantis. Not only that, but your child grows, care fish in an aquarium taught a sense of responsibility.

Fun on the ocean floor

For the floor of his room theme of the child under water can acquire several bath mats in the form of fish and scatter about. This not only expand the theme of underwater fantasy the very floor of an ocean-themed bedroom for your child under water, but also an excellent safety measure, providing slip resistant floor protection your child's bedroom is active.

Complete underwater scene

Finally, some tips to make full underwater fantasy:

Follow the above tips and your child will spend every day and night submerged in its own underwater adventure.

Professional interior designer Joann Means has spent years helping parents and children design custom theme bedrooms that make their deepest fantasies come to life. From underwater themes to castle themes and beyond , Joann has put her experience to work at Sweet Dream Children’s Interiors (, starting with custom theme beds as the centerpiece of the child’s bedroom and expanding the theme to the rest of the kid’s room with an abundance of creative and affordable decorating ideas.

Whether your child wants to live under the sea or up in the clouds, the custom theme beds designed by Joann and built by her husband master carpenter Johnny Means are sure to set the stage for any child’s dream come true. Visit Sweet Dream Children’s Interiors ( and see what fantasy worlds Joann and Johnny can help you create for your pride and joy.

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