Aquarium Magnetic Brush

By · Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Aquarium Magnetic Brush

So, you have an aquarium that is in need of a good spring cleaning, but do not know exactly how to do? If you simply throw away the clutter and start again? If you try to clean it without emptying first? The answer is to break completely and start again will remove the bacterial colonies produced in the aquarium are beneficial to help eliminate waste. Unless the tank is very terrible, starting over should not be your first choice, but should be a last resort.

You have to have an algae scraper or pad, a razor blade (plastic blade for acrylic tanks), a little bleach, a siphon water, a bucket, some lime remover and glass cleaner made specifically for aquariums, a brush filter and a filter, some towels and paper towels old. You should start with the glass, go to the decor, such as rocks and plants and then clean the gravel. You should then move to the outside of the glass and end fittings and cleaning or replacing the filter.

Give the glass a thorough cleaning inside the platform using algae. You can find a wide selection of scrapers and pads to algae, from a scrubber with a long handle for magnetic Scrubs. The small magnetic brush are a personal favorite, but almost any platform will do the job algae. You must purchase algae pads at a pet store instead of buying one in the department of home furnishings your local store. They look almost the same, but the pads of household items may contain harmful chemicals or soap that could be lethal to fish. If algae is very stubborn will have to scrape with a razor blade or a plastic sheet.

After cleaning the glass, remove the decoration, plants artificial rocks that have a significant accumulation of algae on them. Do not use detergents or soaps to clean them. Although one would think they have completely eliminated the soap, could and probably would be a waste. You can move with the algae scrubber or scrape clean, but the really difficult problems can use a 10% solution of bleach. Put them for about 15 minutes, then scrub off the remaining residue. Rinse well with water and let dry completely. Sure that the cube had never used any type of detergent or soap. Vacuum the gravel while the other ornaments are out of the tank.

Use a water siphon to suck any debris in the sand. You can choose from a variety of traps and they all work in much the same way. To eliminate the need for a bucket, try Python. There are also adapters that allow you to filter the water diverted back into the tank.

Be careful when using cleaning glass and limestone, and which may contain ammonia, which is toxic to fish. A standard lime cleaner is even worse. Vinegar use whenever possible or cleaning products that are specifically designed for cleaning the aquarium. Always rinse well and leave nothing to chance.

You want to clean the filter, wait a couple of weeks to do so. Cleaning is already completed that have disrupted the beneficial bacteria and algae colonies in the decoration, gravel and plants. Not have completely destroyed the ecosystem because the filter is still contain some of these beneficial bacteria. Simply allowing the filter to run a couple of weeks to restore balance. Then you can clean. If the filter is more than three weeks, replace it.

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