Aquarium Pond

By · Monday, August 31st, 2009

Aquarium Pond

So I have spent hours in the design of its fishpond, the final results look fantastic and are now preparing for the fun part of reality density on their pond. Listen to the 5 tips to help you with this important part of the pond to get their full potential;

  1. Calculate the volume of you pond. Once you have the measure that can then develop the optimal number of fish. The formula to be used is 1 "of fish per cubic foot of surface the pond. Obviously, you can increase the number of fish slightly if you have a good pump and filtration system.
  2. Plan your planting – choosing a good selection of plants that can optimize the natural bacteria in the pond to provide fish with large living conditions, surface hydrophilic plants, like water lilies also reduce the sunlight that should help your pool stay clear
  3. Once the pond is filled to leave 3-4 days solve the water before adding any fish.
  4. Try to ensure that only the purchase of healthy fish. Signs of good health includes erect fins, a good activity, good appetite, balanced swimming. If you are unsure of the quality of their fish and already have other fish in the pond should consider maintaining the new quarantine until you are sure they pose no threat to existing fish
  5. Do not put your new fish pond directly into the following steps to ensure an introduction stress-free to their new surroundings. Sit the bag contained in the pond for 15 -20 minutes After this time add a little pond water level to pH balance. Leave again for 15 minutes. Council of the bag gently so that fish can swim in his pond again.

If you follow these guidelines should end up with happy healthy fish that will give hours of fun.

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