Aquarium Reverse

By · Friday, March 20th, 2009

Aquarium Reverse

Maintenance of the Koi pond regularly is the key to a fish pond and beautiful and healthy. It consists of the following tasks:

Partial changes water
Do not change the whole pond water at a time. Making partial water changes newspapers. Water changes are essential to eliminate the accumulated nitrate you pond. Nitrate is a product of biological filtration system, and while not harmful to fish, the accumulation of nitrates in the pond can lead to algae bloom, water discoloration (brown discoloration) and in the long run, detrimental to the pool occupants (except those plants!).
Filter Maintenance
Biological filtration is based on the bacteria to work, so it's best to clean the needed. only when the filter media, as filter mats filter, coral chips, accounts, would clog after long periods of use and begin to restrict the flow of water through a them. When this happens, the media would need some cleaning. Depending on your design filter or filter system, filter back washing of the media (reverse direction of flow of water through the filter) A is a good way to eliminate the dirt on the filter media. Never clean the entire filter material or the Chambers at the same time, since you need to have some bacteria that the filter working. You may want to reduce the feeding of the fish for a week after maintenance of the filter to allow the biological filter to re-stabilize itself same. Stop completely if you're feeding the Koi isa observe apathetic, located on the bottom or show other signs of distress.
Pond Maintenance
Timea debris of fallen leaves, branches, Wasteoid sludge and fish to accumulate in the bottom of the pond bottom if you experience build drains in ponds with bottom drains pond design. not normally suffer constructed such wastes from the dirt that is constant in System. suck a filter Pond maintenance is therefore relatively easy or not really necessary. For ponds without bottom drainage system, a vacuum tank would be needed. Like domestic vacuum cleaners, vacuums suck pond From Dirt the pond where they can be eliminated, or used as fertilizer.

Elimination of algae may be necessary, if he did regular partial water changes or do not have a good filter system. In this case, we refer to the string algae. The algae growing on the side of the pond are well Koi and loves to graze on them. Best way to remove the string algae is to turn around a long stick, like cotton candy.
Replacing parts not
Pumps and electrical parts including UV lamps for the system of underwater lights do not last forever. Usually the life my submersible pump that works non-stop is 2 to 2.5 years. In designing its system of reservoirs and pipelines, do maintenance, so insurance can be done easily without draining the pond! It has a spare pump on standby and Koi die after a few hours without aeration.

Jeffrey Lee keeps Koi as a hobby and lives in Singapore.

Visit his website at where he shares his experiences (good and bad) with constructing and maintaining his 3 Koi ponds over the past 13 years. The site contains pictures of his ponds and Koi.

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