Aquarium Reverse Osmosis

By · Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Aquarium Reverse Osmosis
three types of algae in the aid of aquarium salt?

I Brown diatoms, green algae, which is taking over, and the red hair growth algae. What do I do, I do regular water changes, and only use reverse osmosis water. I have 4 turbo snails 1 cleaner shrimp and 10 mini crab hermits. My algae growing at the speed of light in 4 hours that can grow completely covering the glass that I just washed off. ITs everywhere and even in my live rock and around my sand. Even yellow tastes help eat algae, but I can not control it. It's been running for a month already. "My 2 clowns and Tang are stressed or sick of this alga much. Y 1 snail Nassarius

What size tank? How long has the tank been running? How long of a cycle of illumination is the tank to get? Have you checked that phosphates and nitrates? Id recommend running (GFO), granular iron oxide in a fluidized bed reactor …. RowaPhos is high phosphate removal product, and test the water for phosphates and nitrates.

Part 1/3: Watergeneral RD-102 RO+DI reverse osmosis water system for Aquarium reef

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