Cleaner Pump Aquarium

By · Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Cleaner Pump Aquarium
Aquarium pump no longer pulls the water after the last tank cleaning. Why?

I have a Marineland aquarium system 3 … After the last turn of the cleaning water, the pump refuses to lift water. They make noise, but refuses to draw water. Anyone know why? or how to fix this?

You may need to be prepared. You may need to get something to fill the pump with water. Take a cup and drink water from the tank and poured into the pump. If still works and are not ready, you can burn out the engine. It could be dirty. Do you clean? It may be necessary to give the driver a push. You can do this by getting something and something hit her. I usually use a pipette and push just a little. The impeller spins like a windmill, but sideways, and sometimes stops spinning so you need something to play in it so it starts again. I use something plastic or wood so no chance of getting caught.

skoupa vithou (Aquarium gravel cleaning-no pump)

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