Cleaner Siphon

By · Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Cleaner Siphon
How can I get my self from Aqua siphon / gravel clean work?

I bought the other day at the water sports shop. The guy in the shop showed me how to use that as said most people who buy a house and have no idea what to do. But I've tried to do what he did and not only working at all. The water reaches half of the tube, then just goes down slowly. Can anyone help please? PS This is a link to what I>> 20one%%%% 20GRAVEL 20CLEANER 2010

Exploiting the funnel end in the tank and at an angle that has to pull back and forth very quickly, until it creates a suction to get it going. Make sure the rest of the pipeline is less than that and as low as you can get. If all else fails, and I know this is not fun, resort to tried and true method of suction at the very end. Only make sure you don; I hhazardouschemicals Nay (fish medicines) b / c no matter how fast you are, some are going in the mouth. (Blech!) Best of Luck!

How to Airbrush : Using Siphon Feed Airbrushes

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