Digital Thermometer

By · Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Digital Thermometer
Is it possible for fiber optic cable with a probe assembly for detecting temperature and a digital thermometer?

Is it possible for cable with a fiber optic probe assembly for detecting temperature and a digital thermometer? Besides, fiber optics to improve the accuracy of the technology through conventional base metal cable? Any advice on temperature sensors would be much appreciated. Thanks

Yes, a group of devices temperature measurement, known as radiation thermometers (or more frequently of radiation pyrometers), which includes the rates at which the signal is transferred the signal conditioning unit and viewing through an optical fiber cable. These are especially appropriate where access is limited or the environment suitable for solid state components – amplifiers, etc. These instruments depend on the fact that all objects emit thermal radiation in a wide frequency range or wavelength according to Planck's radiation law. By selecting the wavelength, the usable temperature range of ambient temperatures can vary up to temperatures very high. One of the advantages of a fiber optic cable, in this case is that it requires an interface to an electrical temperature sensor and a thermocouple or resistance thermometer. The working end of the cable is formed into a black body cavity, so that the thermal radiation transfer from the wire approaches the Planck law of reasonable accuracy.

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