Fish Medication

By · Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Fish Medication
If I add the medicine to my fish tank to treat an adult fish, will harm the fish fry?

One of my fish has been hovering Molly at the bottom of the tank – from Internet research seems to be called "Molly shimmy". Anyway I would treat it – do I need to remove it from the tank of the community, or I can treat her while she is in him? I have 3 molly fry in a breeding cage, and I will not kill them, so I'm okay to medicate the whole tank? The med is called Life Guard All-In-One in the jungle.

What is your temperature? Mollies shimmy when they get too cold, stressed, or not enough salt in the water (which is brackish). Temp Make sure it is at least 74-78. That their level of salt to about twenty percent point, provided that you do not have any salt sensitive fish there. Check your water params, fishes and higher pH, around 7.4 and hard water. Of course, check ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, as well, but you know it. Although you probably will not have to treat the tank. I would not use an all in one medicine to treat wobbles. That's an exaggeration. And it would have an effect on biological filtration, could crash the tank. Always use a quarantine with most medications. It is likely to affect the Republic FRY, depending on their age. Never try to fry me with any drugs, not particularly anti-bacterial. You could create a super strain of the bacteria drug resistant.

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