Fish Tank

By · Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Fish Tank
I am looking to start an aquarium and was wondering what are some active goldfish and they have?

I'm looking to get at least tank 20 gallon can get a better one if needed. I have a son, and these are our pets. I am interested in fish that are active and colorful. In addition, suggestions for fish that can be combined so that more than one type. I also recently read that you should start a tank with only 1-3 fish at a time. Do you think this is true?

Make sure your tank cycle first, you can do this with ammonia adding fishlessly until you have a reading of 5 ppm, then wait until it drops to 0ppm, then take a peak of nitrite, then falling to 0ppm. When both read 0ppm, is cycled your tank, make a big change water, add about 3 fish every few weeks. This enables bacteria to adapt to the Fish Biol. Some fish novice good: Platy Swordtails Guppies Black / White Skirt Tetras Gouramis (may be nippy, 30 gallons is better for the larger species) Betta (only 1 male per tank, see that he does not get their fins cut) Checkered Barb Cherry Barb Rosy Barb White danios Corien clouds some types of tetras (neons are very, very delicate) Stay away of the following unless you are getting absolutely huge tank: pacu (up to 36 "long) Oscar (get up to 13" long) Iridescent Shark (up 36 "long) Most species of sharks, unless you get 55 + gallons Bala Sharks Barbas foil common Plecos (get 24" long) Clown Loaches (get 16 "long) African cichlids (requires specific water conditions and are very aggressive) South American cichlids (Get great and aggressive) Koi (only belong in ponds, get 36 "long) fish knife Arrowana Tiger barbs would be good for a species only tank, and there are 3 varieties can mix and match, but can be aggressive with other species. Do research ahead of time, and not believe everything the pet store people tell you (some are good, some are stupid). Good luck and have fun with your tank!


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