Gravel Cleaner

By · Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Gravel Cleaner
Is there an easy way to clear my land?

So I had these 30 guppies about almost a year, and are doing well, but whenever the water gets cloudy I need to take all the water and clean gravel. I bought a gravel cleaner and sucks, it takes forever. I was wondering if anyone has a as in its self about how to clean the gravel quickly and efficiently

It seems you can not do your regular weekly water changes of 30%. The water simply do not "get clouds" without a reason. Usually caused by a bacteria bloom caused by too much food. Reduce the amount of food (once a day is enough, and only what the fish eat in 2-3 minutes) and start doing the week partial water changes and I think that we will not see the clouds. The easiest way to remove water with an empty land, not about a third of the gravel and should have removed about a third of the water. Next week, do the next third of the gravel and The following week, making the third final. Now you can wait 2-3 weeks before starting to make the gravel again. Just Be sure to keep doing the water every week. Never completely demolish a tank unless you have had any catastrophic illness or die than not be explained. I have tanks that have been up and running for about 6 years without breaking down. Just regular water changes and gravel vacuuming once a month or so.

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