Gravel Cleaner Washer

By · Friday, November 20th, 2009

Gravel Cleaner Washer
How to use an Aqua-Tech Gravel Washer?

Hi, uhm, I'm having problems with my Aqua-Tech Gravel Washer. I have read all instructions on the and went back but there is no suction. I saw my friend do it once and all I did was move up and it started sucking the dirty things on the bottom. I tried but no luck. Anyone have any idea how to use one? Or an easy way to explain to me as it seems I'm just too dumb. (SOB) Please help, my fish need a tank clean! =)

These things can be a pain … The easiest way is to put the final washing of gravel in the aquarium and the end tube below the aquarium and then suck as soon as you see water coming over the top of the aquarium hose quickly put the hose end in his bucket. You could take a bite like this, you have to be quick. If you can not get to start that way you can put your washing machine and all the hose under the water in the aquarium and make sure you have all the air out of it so it is completely filled with water. Once done you can put your thumb over the end of the hose to keep water and air (such as a finger in a straw) and make sure the washer end is immersed as placing the end of the hose in a bucket below that the aquarium and then take your finger off the end of the hose and must be in good shape. Your friend may have had a different type of washing machine that can start pumping her. I have seen those before too, but the method works well path.

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