Gravel Siphon

By · Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Gravel Siphon
Siphon / Gravel Cleaners / Vaccums?

What are and what they need to connect to a sink? I thought I knew what they were, but now I'm confused. Can transfer water from the tank into a bucket? Any information on these will be useful: For "GIVEMEMOREDRUGS" Okay, that makes more sense! Thanks for clearing that up! For "NEA" That sounds very easy, and that is probably what you will use, due to the fact that I have near a sink.

You are confusing empty gravel with pythons. They are different products – empty gravel drink water from the tank and drain into a bucket (which then take and dump them out). Pythons connect to a tap so it can drain water from the tank directly into the sink (no cubes in question). The suction caused by the tap of running water is what allows Python to work, while gravity is running the vacuum of the gravel. None of the products are electric / battery and both are relatively easy to use. I own and use both depending on who I am cleaning the tank.

How to clean your turtle tank or fish tank using a gravel vacuum/siphon

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