Gravel Siphon Tank

By · Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Gravel Siphon Tank

Add the first fish to any new saltwater aquarium is a great feeling. Unfortunately, this feeling often disappears as the algae starts to grow in the tank and gravel.

What This is a brown algae saltwater aquarium again?

Troublesome algae that is growing in their new saltwater tank algae called diatoms. This is a harmless algae in most cases never get out of hand, but looks bad.

By what is growing in my new tank?

Diatom algae grows in saltwater tanks again because they have not reached the biological balance adequate to maintain an environment free of algae.

I add all the animals to eat?

In most cases this will not work because the amount of algae that grows normally require a lot of snails and crabs to keep it at bay. This could overload the system a new water tank salt causing more problems, like spikes of ammonia and more algae!

What can I do to get rid of it?

To get rid of brown algae in tanks of salt water the best thing to do but wait and let nature take its course. You wake up one morning to find that algae disappeared as quickly as it emerged. This happens once the biological balance has been reached in a few weeks.

However, if really bothers you that you can simply remove and / or siphon with your regular water changes. Note that often grows back the same day and drive you insane.

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How to clean your turtle tank or fish tank using a gravel vacuum or siphon

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