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By · Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Gravel Vac

One question that often baffles even experienced aquarists is what causes a fish tank cloudy? The answer is not simple at all because, depending on when your tank fish becomes turbid and the color turns, there may be several reasons why that happens.

Let's start with a new tank and move through the life cycle tank.

When a tank is first established well water may seem cloudy immediately. This may simply be caused by air bubbles minutes being suspended in water and will disappear after a few hours. Leave the tank overnight and should be clear.

A new tank has yet to complete the nitrogen cycle that is incapable of dealing with waste produced by fish. As the nitrogen cycle is initiated can find the turn water milky. This is usually a sign that the bacteria stage of the nitrogen cycle is underway. Bacteria have begun to multiply so rapidly that it can muddy the waters by giving milky appearance. Although unsightly this will happen as the nitrogen cycle is complete and installed. Water changes of 10-15% will reduce this. Be careful not to over-feed fish is that you can add to the problem.

If the tank is so new that have not added fish or cycle started to tank, the cloudiness can be due to an ornament to react with water. Are all Aquarium ornaments were all friendly and rinsed thoroughly before setting up the tank. If one of your decorations is dissolved, then must be eliminated and a large water change also has to be done.

Bogwood If you have added to the tank, this can leech yellowish brown stain in water. This will be established over time and changes in water and is harmless. Wood is simply adding tannin to the water. Give the wood a good wash with clean water can help to prevent this. As wood ages and begins to grow on its own tannin problems will stop. Water changes will gradually get rid of this dis-coloration.

There are some things you can do to help keep all forms of cloudiness in the bay.

Avoid overfeeding your fish. Enough to feed the fish can consume everything in two minutes. More of this and end up with excess waste in the water that can cause cloudy water. Keep clean gravel. Changes in water use to vacuum up the waste food or debris on a regular basis. Use the bottom feeding fish, shrimp and snails clean food debris. Do not overcrowd your tank. Think of an inch to one gallon rule, but be sensitive about it. An inch of Neon Tetra is much less than an inch of Guppy. Also, reminds the population of snails. This can expand rapidly and produce waste in the same way as fish. Occasional sacrifice may be necessary.

Instead to make great changes of water stick to the more frequent small water changes. Mean change of water once and you can alter the natural balance of the tank leading to a bloom of bacteria as the cycle of re-established. Most causes of cloudy water can be resolved with time and a good maintenance routine. Changes regular water quality will solve most water problems

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