Kent Marine

By · Friday, June 26th, 2009

Kent Marine
Kent Marine Cichlid Essential?

Exactly what does this do? I bought it thinking it would help in the levels of KH, but now that I have at home in my hands, I do not see that it does. I go back or use it? And I can get helps out in the levels of KH?

Kent Marine Cichlid Essential replace important minerals that are used by fish and plants or accidentally removed through carbon filtration. I have used this previously with 55-gallon tanks of cichlids Africans, but now I have a 60-gallon and are no longer used. I do not think it really is necessary. It is possible that the colors of the fish a little more daring, but that's all. I have very hard water too, so I do not like adding anything to change the KH or pH. To help in the levels of KH, I'd recommend a bit of baking soda (bicarbonate sodium). It is cheap and works as well as caps that most fish stores sell. This article was very helpful to me. I hope it's for you too:

Kent Marine Nano Reef Ion & Buffer System

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