Magnetic Cleaner Brush

By · Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Magnetic Cleaner Brush
Green water is the effect of my fish / guppies?

I have a professor who runs a kind of Aqua Club and is not allowed to say because we all have to work for our account and for the past 2 weeks I noticed my water has turned green, use a gravel vacuum to clean the floor of my fish tank and a magnetic cleaning brush in my tank and I clean my filter. yesterday my friend tested my tank, and the results were pH 7.2, ammonia: 0ppm, Nitrite: 0.25ppm, nitrate: 20 ppm and the temperature was 27 * C. Today when I checked that was Temp: 27 ° C, pH 7.2, and the rest 0ppm. you have not had problems with my tank before this is the first time. I now also becomes a change of water but the water was contaminated by the and day.

As long as the algae is nutrient absorption …. ammonia and nitrites then fish are not affected. It is when the algae die they will have a problem. My guess is that the tank can be a little busy or get too much sunlight. One technique that use some aquarium (and works) is to promote growth of algae after harvesting. That is, scrape algae from the glass into strips, but be sure to collect than algae that is harvested. The algae can not be pleasing to the eye but it does mean a tank health.

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