Marine Aquarium

By · Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Marine Aquarium

Proper lighting is one of the requirements for a marine environment to exist. Fish and other pets in need of light for certain activities essential for living longer. There is a specific need for light in all species found in a freshwater aquarium. Fish tank lighting need to specify quantity create balance in the ecosystem of the whole tank. These are the most commonly suggested lighting that can be used in your freshwater aquarium:

Bulbs Incandescent are considered less effective means of artificial lighting for your aquarium. The ten hot too quickly is not good for all types of fish. Fish tend to dwell on this type of lighting. Incandescent bulbs are low in luminosity, but high energy consumption.

Fluorescent lamps are the most commonly suggested for the lighting of freshwater aquarium because of some nice features. They can easily be purchased and easily available at a reasonable price too. A nice feature of fluorescent lamps is shining high in brightness, but low in energy consumption. This is ideal for beginners who have tight budget this is indeed an energy saving. Several types of fluorescent lamps that can be used for lighting your aquarium needs including famous type Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

Metal halide lamps are considered as the types of lamps fluorescent-date is almost the same capacity for lighting a fluorescent lamp, however, more intense light. The intensity halide lamps metal is roughly comparable to sunlight. To create balanced marine habitat set this lamp can be lit all day and all night got to represent an actual scene from sunrise to sunset, which is good for most aquatic life within the aquarium.

Proper lighting Application

After to know the recommended types of lighting for your freshwater aquarium is also better to understand the application of appropriate lighting based on the characteristics of marine life inside your aquarium.

Choose a brighter type of light focused on your fish tank has a deeper level of water compared with normal aquariums, so that continuous light rays to the whole tank area.

An aquarium fished alone the low light of a good maybe applied source. Must be 2-3 watts per gallon tank and must be replaced once in while.

For aquariums with live plants in it, is ideal to have a means of illumination of 4 watts per gallon. Flood Lighting is better, but there are some types of fish that is necessary to specify the amount of light by an investigation should be careful about it.

Installation of appropriate light

Freshwater aquarium artificial lighting should be located at an appropriate place of safety for all. Most fans tend to place the bulb in a high place or area that can transmit light uniformly whole area. However, if you plan to put plants in your aquarium, it is recommended to direct light for live plants, so they can grow rapidly. Plants need light to produce food in the process called photosynthesis. Simulation of light can give much benefit to fish and plants in the aquarium, representing sunlight normal and sunset as the sunlight does.

Appropriate time frame or schedule lighting must be applied. Like all living things other plants and animals may easily irritated by prolonged illumination. Therefore, the simulation of light is still the best idea to maintain the normal balance the life of marine ecosystems.

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