Microbe Lift

By · Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Microbe Lift
How to combat algae in the pond again?

I just created a pond that is about ~ 100 gallons. No mechanical filter, only a small circulating water pump. There is a water-Lilly type 2 plant, water hyacinth, a plant underwater sword and a bunch of floating plants. There are two fish: a goldfish 4 inches and 6-inch koi. It has been an algal bloom Cruddy looking at the bottom of the pond. How do I get better this under control? A person at the pet store recommended something called Microbe Lift. Is this good to use?

there is a death that can reach the stops algae control UV light penetrates the surface largely unchecked, but it slows down long enough to get a UV filter installed to stop her floating algae blooms, some say that barley straw in a bag in the filter output does not work for me, but perhaps for you, and has worked for some of my friends. good luck

Gary Jacobs koi pond August 2007

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