Pump Aquarium

By · Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Pump Aquarium
How can I remove dirt outside the aquarium pump?

I bought a protein skimmer for my tank that was used. There are a lot I stuck in dirt disposal problems. I tried washing, using a razor blade, immersed in water, I still can not get some of it off. Is there a better way to eliminate this dirt and get clean?

Steel wool should work. Not if the type and soap. Or a steel wool brush. They are so general in the varnish / stain section of Lowe's. You can simply do not rub too hard or you grind the plastic. You could also try soaking in vinegar. Since which is acidic, you should eat away at the dirt. .. Or you could try soaking it in Coca-Cola. If you can work on removing dirt off car batteries and dissolve a steak in 2 days, you must work for dirt tank, right?

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