Python Spill

By · Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Python Spill
Monty Python, "The Meaning of Life "……?

However, this is a strange question, but I think this would be a good place to ask is … Does anyone know what happened to the girl who sang "Let the heathen spill them …" line in the song "Every sperm is sacred "? This film was made in the 80s, so it must be somewhere at either 20 or late 30's early … I'm curious … I'd love know what you think now, many many, many years after the film premiered in terms of its contribution to the history of Python … Anybody know it? As I said, strange question .. I just saw the movie again a few days ago and thought "if I do not know if I should laugh or cringe, all these years down the line … "any answers?

I looked around at a few sites (including IMDb), but can not find it. Although there were some very funny and interesting about Monty Python did not know. As members of the cast all the asteroids that bear his name. Or that a prehistoric snake species was given the name Montypythonoides riversleighensis in honor of the Monty Python team. (Translated from Latin into English, Montypythonoides means "like Monty Python.") I have a friend who is a big fan, I ask you …. that is not online, so I can not answer for himself. Hopefully someone answers for what you do not wait!

Theology of Monty Python – Every Sperm is Sacred

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