Red Slime Remover

By · Friday, July 31st, 2009

Red Slime Remover
How to avoid a problem of cyanobacteria in the control without red mud remover?

= / I keep at bay for the cleaning of the rock from time to time and sand? What should I do? i havent managed to get through any chemical of matter yet. what im doing now is to clarify the rock with cool tap water, then rinse with RO water I have. Then simply net of matter in the sand did not want, put it in a container and fill the container with tap water. I then after a day to empty the water into the bowl and fill the container with salt water that is synthesized, let it settle a bit then net again in my tank. I think it will work? and I figured getting the stains on the rocks, and a rinse with bleach will help end some of the bacteria = as chlorine kills everything. I know exactly who used to get rid of him, but much less and will seriously hamper the growth itself.

Most cyanobacteria treatments also remove the live aspect of the rock, since it is essentially a toxin that affects both the good and bad bacteria. The best thing can do is starve with frequent cleaning – occasionally not cut it. You may have to do daily water changes of 10-20% to maintain their levels of nitrates and phosphates check, or even higher amounts if you decide to change less frequently (50% + every day). For a less invasive treatment that changes of water (which is ideal), Try taking a phosphate removal resin, and which largely inhibit the growth of bacteria. EDIT: That sounds good but would be much easier to get a 5-gallon bucket for a few dollars and only salt water do not mix … I do not understand why the rock is rinse in fresh water as they will have little effect on cyanobacteria, and the punishment for putting in a container is completely pointless – water changes are the way forward.

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