Reef Aquarium Reverse

By · Monday, February 1st, 2010

Reef Aquarium Reverse
A Watts Premier RO-Pure advanced reverse osmosis system to purify water from a saltwater aquarium?

It compares this with a RO / DI system designed to an aquarium? Of course, all degrees of purity of water in a mini reef aquarium? I keep buying water from my tank from a fish store and it's time I get my own system for my tank, and I found the Watts Premier RO-Pure reverse process Osmisus advanced filtration system at a great price. But I will put my tank in danger by wrong system.

I am not a person of salt water, but I can tell you the system you are viewing will RO – but that's not the same as the RO / DI. No I'm sure if DI is so important for saltwater tanks, or are people using it simply because it's the cleanest thing you can get? You may know the answer the part better than me … But I think people use RO for a long time to DI came into vogue.

5 stage reverse osmosis aquarium demo bulk reef supply BRS

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