Siphon Gravel Cleaner

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Siphon Gravel Cleaner

Keeping fish tanks can be a great hobby, not only are fairly easy and inexpensive to begin with, but offer an incredibly relaxing hobby. Getting started with this love can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, because there are so many options of tanks, fish and accessories to choose from and all require to be matched well together. This Article is designed to give a good description of all aspects that have to think about when starting your own aquarium for you to avoid making mistakes others do when they just jump in without a plan or the basic skills you need to keep fish happy and alive.

There are a few categories main fish you need to know about. These are freshwater or tropical fish, saltwater or marine fish, cichlids, fish and gold course. The main differences between these are / tropical freshwater fish remain in freshwater areas and come from warm tropical waters of the climate, such as South America, Africa and Asia. Saltwater / marine fish from the sea and are found in reef areas like the Great Barrier Reef, and include the famous clownfish Nemo thanks. Cichlids are fish as angels, Oscar and the disc are also freshwater fish, but they require different water conditions for tropical fish. Gold fish and Koi are the type of fish that are remains easily by beginners as they require less detailed care and can survive in a freshwater pool.

Some of the best types of beginners of fish to keep, though not uninteresting, and no challenge, are Guppies and Mollies. Many people start with these types of fish for good reason. Relatively interesting and good-looking fish, but to be quite strong and resistant to underserved fish tanks are fairly cheap to buy. and are tropical fish that may be the most simple yet most beautiful type of tank set up. Both types of fish are live bearers which means they are very easy to raise.

One of the biggest beginners mistakes in selecting his team, and fish is the size of the deposit in relation to the number and size of fish. It can be as easy to start with a small tank and gradually buy more fish until there is just too many fish for the tank filter and manage. The other common problem You can try mixing the wrong types of fish together, time to be aggressive fish or only the big fish eating the smaller ones. Make sure that the purchase tank, you know what type and size of fish you want to keep and which allow for expansion.

Apart from the tank, and there are some other pieces that are essential to acquire in shaping tropical aquariums. You must have a good filtration system to remove biological waste from the water and chemicals to convert to eliminate the harmful impact of these on the health of fish. You should also have a good water test kit to see if these products are on the correct levels of fish to stay healthy. You must also have a heater when keeping tropical fish to ensure their water is kept at the proper temperature, and finally Some cleaning tools, such as a gravel siphon cleaner will help keep it healthy and clean. You should also keep some chemicals that can be set Water conditions such as pH and Tel down to adjust the pH, and a water conditioner that removes high-quality chlorine, chloramines and ammonia before adding new water. As a guide to keeping Mollies and Guppies, the pH should be around 7.5 and temperature around 25 C.

Fish farming can sometimes be difficult, but you will find that keeping live bearers like guppies and mollies, can be very easy. It's simply a matter of making sure that you have men and women, Water conditions are good and there are plenty of good hiding places for the fry. There are some devices out there that are on sale now being made to keep fish the mother to give birth to protect the fry so they do not eat, but these small tanks usually end up breeding fish and just highlight the success is more likely in a tank with a lot of good hiding places for small fry. Be careful when deciding to breed these fish, but can be very rewarding that the supply of fish without Finally, you can easily end up with too many fish and a tank so unhealthy, so make sure the tank is big enough to support them all.

One of the biggest problems you may face with tanks of tropical fish is the fish disease. Fish need to be carefully monitored to ensure they are not sick. There are clear signs that some fish are sick, as white spots on the fish, eating, eyes bulging, rotting fins, unusual behavior, panting and hanging below the water surface. If you notice any of these symptoms, immediately make sure the water is clean and to test water for pH, ammonia, etc. First, try changing to 30% water with fresh water that has been treated to remove chlorine and other chemicals. if no improvement take note of the symptoms and a small water sample to your local pet store and ask their advice on treatment.

General maintenance on your own tropical fish tanks can be a very rewarding exercise. It is not always easy, but as you learn and create a beautiful environment for the fish to really appreciate the time you spent caring of them.

Paul has been keeping pet fish for years now and wants to share his experiences.
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